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Knowing your worth as a Christian

What is our worth and where do we find it?When we talk about knowing our worth as a Christian, there are a few ways that we can think about it. For the most part, when we talk about someone's worth we use adjectives - we could say they are beautiful, smart, strong,...

Prophetic words about our future husband

For any woman who desires a godly marriage and family, getting prophetic words about our future husband is one of the most encouraging and exciting things we can experience. However, as great as it can be there can also be a danger behind it. If we put too much weight...

Top 5 tips for reading the Bible

We all know that reading the Bible is important, but it's not always easy to do. Based on what I've been taught and experienced over my lifetime, below are my top 5 tips for reading the Bible. Tip #1 - Start smallAs much as I'm sure we'd all love to read the Bible...

The Character of God

The Character of God is often spoken about in church, but we rarely take the time to look at what the Bible says about the character of God and what it means.

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